Welcome to The Graceful Mama! I started this new blog out of a desire to relate to other mamas who may find the transition from career woman to mama challenging. I initially thought I should title the blog The Awkward Mama, but I wanted to give myself something to aspire to, ha! Besides, this blog isn’t an outlet for negativity. Humor, inspiration, relating to others, yes. Above all, the thought is that having a baby is one of the best times in life and is to be cherished, although dealing with so many new experiences may be hilarious at times. If anyone told me when I was twentysomething that in my thirties, at the height of my career, I’d be covered in spit-up, poop and breast milk and walk around with frizzy hair, droopy eyes and a little belly that just wouldn’t go away, I’d tell them they were bonkers. After all, so many images flood the media of the new mom bathed softly in morning sunlight, cradling her newborn and singing gently to her, while baby coos back contentedly. There’s no hint that baby’s screams could peel wall off a paint, or that her poops can be as explosive as an old man who’s just eaten too much Metamucil. Imagine my shock when we took baby home from the hospital and she wasn’t as quiet and smiley as all those Hallmark greeting cards. What??? Was it that I was such a graceless mama, or that this is like any awkward transition on the way to finally growing up? Adolescence has its zits and braces, and new motherhood has its own challenges, albeit accompanied by the best kind of adorable package. So for all those other mamas out there who aspire to be more and more graceful each day, this blog is for you. You may look awkward now juggling that huge diaper bag, umbrella stroller and 25-lb. baby, but one day it’ll all be second nature. You might have stains down your shirt today, but tomorrow you’ll be that polished glamour puss picking up baby from school. With Christ, all things are possible.


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